Safe and digitisation for educational institutions

Know where your data is.

In digitalisation of educational systems it is all about the personal data of the young students. This delicate information should not fall into the hands of big companies but instead you should save it yourself - to keep privacy comprehensible. The solutions that are offered by are not bound to hardware. There are no problems whith using older devices, which also has the side effect of reducing your ecological footprint.

Extensive Support by Volunteers

Support freedom and the community with Open Source!

The schul-frei projects are supported by thousands of mebmers of the Open Source Community. They keep the systems up-to-date and help developing them further. Commercial and professional support is also cared for. That way the long-term support of your institution is ensured.

Possibility for Customisation and Contribution

Open Source software adjustes to your insititution, not the other way around

The flexible systems allow individual customisation to your wants. The software's open source code invites to code. That way you can shape the structure of your system yourself if you would like to.